Key Factors to Consider Post Your Crowdfunding Campaign Success

Key Factors to Consider Post Your Crowdfunding Campaign Success

Let’s begin by thinking that you have done everything required to take your crowdfunding campaign towards the path of success. You’ve created a spectacular product video, used a lot of lifestyle photos and described your product in the best way possible. Not only this, you’ve also managed to grab a lot of backers for your campaign which is nearing to its end in a couple of hours. What next? Nope, this has got nothing to do with planning a success party because I think this is where your journey to make that dream product begins. Time for celebration hasn’t really begun. There are people out there who’ve believed in your dream and backed it with their hard-earned money so that you get to shape your idea into reality. What they need in return is your dedication. It’s easy to show your dedication in building the product you’re crowdfunding for when the campaign is on but it becomes equally difficult to do the same when the campaign is over. That’s where the challenge really lies!

post crowdfunding campaign tips

Think you’re still confused on how to keep up with your backers post the crowdfunding campaign? Here’s what you can do.

1. Use the Updates section of your crowdfunding campaign to the fullest. Let your backers know how you’re progressing with the manufacturing of your product and keep them in the loop all the time.

2. Answer every genuine comment with the best reply. Don’t fake the delivery timelines and be absolutely honest with the actual month when you can start shipping the first batch for delivery.

3. Take new pre-orders from your site only if you can deliver them on time. It will be a bad decision to try pleasing a new batch of customers when you already have the backers from the campaign in line. You can specify the delivery dates for the new customers on the site so that they know they will get their product only after the first batch reaches the respective backers from the campaign.

4. For day to day progress updates, social media will always be your best method of communication. Tweet your regular day at the workshop, post pictures on Instagram and strengthen the bond with your backers that way.

5. Work on the packaging as much as you would be working on the product. Make yourself and your product stand out with a little “Thank You” note or anything else you think will bring a smile on your customer’s face. Make them feel special!

6. Going late with the promised product delivery date? Be open about it with your backers and let them know the reason. That’s the time when communication is necessary. Preventing it will just worsen the situation and break the trust your customers have on you.

As I said earlier, the real challenge with crowdfunding begins once your campaign is over. Here are some campaigns that kept up with the “Post Crowdfunding” activity in the way it should be done.

1. Coolest Cooler

2. TrackR bravo

3. Solar Roadways

4. Prynt

5. Power Up 3.0

Have more to add to the story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Happy Marketing!

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