Maximize your lung capacity with the BULO smart breathing training assistant

Curious about your lungs' health? The Breathings BULO breath-training assistant provides customized programs for improving it.

Maximize your lung capacity with the BULO smart breathing training assistant
Breathings BULO is portable

Stay informed about your lung health with the Breathings BULO. This smart breath-training device monitors your lungs’ function and delivers customized breathing exercises.

Athletes and city dwellers alike will find the Breathings BULO helpful. Designed to measure your lung health, this compact product shows you how your lungs function.

After evaluation, it offers customized breathing exercises to help you work out more intensively and feel healthier. Let’s check it out!

See your lung performance in just 1 breath

So you’re concerned about the effect pollution and VOCs might have on your lung health—or you want to boost your lung endurance for playing sports. The Breathings BULO can help.

As a smart breathing trainer, it shows you where your breathing health is. Connect to the BULO app, then breathe into the device.

Once you’re done with the test, you’ll see your lung performance displayed on the app. The app will then use that information to design a lung exercise program that helps you train harder and adhere to a healthier lifestyle.

The device boasts a high accuracy level, thanks to its tiny, precise sensor that can measure 1/1,000 micobreath.

Breathings BULO informational video

Commit to customized breathing exercises

One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to breath-training regimens. There’s a plethora of lung capacities and strengths among the general population.

To account for them all, this smart breath-training device uses AI analysis to provide exercises tailored to your lung health. So whether you’re a basketball player or a yoga enthusiast, you can follow a program that’s right for you.

The breathing exercises appear on the app, and you’ll perform them while breathing into the device. As you do so, you’ll see app prompts instructing you how to breathe.

Boost your lung health for pro-level sports

Do you play a sport as either an amateur or a professional? Then lung capacity is essential not only to your health but also to your career.

According to the Breathings BULO product page on Amazon, the device can improve an athlete’s lung capacity, helping them optimize the maximum amount of oxygen their body can use. This could lead to faster reactions and better-executed plays.

Enhance lung endurance for swimming and dancing

If you swim or dance, lung endurance likely concerns you since you need to use and control your breath for extended periods of time. This smart breath-training device has you covered.

It can help you work on exercising without taking additional breaths, training your body to better adapt to your life passions.

Regulate your breathing and strengthen lung muscles

Do you love yoga and Pilates? The Breathings BULO can help regulate your breaths, optimizing your attention level and performance.

Then, for people who lead active lifestyles, the device can train your breathing muscles to help your energy levels throughout your everyday activity. According to the company, this leads to significant health benefits.

Choose a user-friendly lung health device

Some health devices are more complicated to use than others. Luckily, this smart breath-training device is one of the easy ones because it’s easy to wash and keep clean.

Then, the mouthpiece’s magnetic attachment is simple to reconstruct each time. And, when you have a detachable mouthpiece for different members of the family, they too can experience its benefits.

Take this breathing gadget anywhere

What’s more, the Breathings BULO can travel with you thanks to its lightweight and slim size. It fits easily in bags, backpacks, and luggage, so it’s okay for all types of travel.

This lets you improve your lung health anywhere, anytime; you don’t have to wait until you’re at home.

Enjoy unlimited record taking

Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about recording your breathing data. This smart breath-training device does it for you. In fact, it stores your breathing data, providing weekly, monthly, and yearly records.

You can use the information to customize your regimens and see your progress throughout the different training sessions.

Get the BULO for improved health and athletic performance

You know how essential lung health is to your overall well-being. BULO works to improve yours. According to the company’s Amazon page, the device can strengthen lung muscles, boost lung endurance, and maximize lung capacity.

Whether you play professional sports, maintain an active lifestyle, or want to improve your health, the Breathings BULO is worth adding to your daily regimen.

Buy yours for $220.99 on Amazon. What health gadgets do you use and love? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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