OctoFit Is the Secret to Successful Home Training Sessions

OctoFit Is the Secret to Successful Home Training Sessions

When you spend eight hours a day behind a desk, staying fit can be really hard work. It’s not even the exercise that’s tiring — it’s the endless late-night trips to the gym that really wear you down. The ideal solution would be a home gym, but the necessary equipment can be pretty expensive. OctoFit is a brand new workout system that provides endless home training sessions in one compact, affordable package. It offers resistance training, aerobic exercises, flexibility drills, and much more.

– Eight-sided device offers complete home training program

– Use the anchor points for resistance training, or unlock the balance board

– Comes with huge online library of fitness classes, delivered by certified trainers

Home Training Sessions

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need lots of gym equipment to get ripped (or trimmer, at least). There are many great exercises that utilize your body weight or resistance bands. What’s more, you can do these workouts at home. Much better than driving across town and paying $20 a session for that group fitness class, eh?

OctoFit lets you work out at home, at the office, and anywhere else that takes your fancy. The device weighs under 15 pounds, yet it allows you to work on your whole physique.

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Thanks to the companion training library, you also get the expert guidance of a certified instructor.

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Building Strength

As the name implies, OctoFit is an eight-sided platform. The design comprises three stacking parts that lock together, providing a stable raised surface that’s covered in grippy recycled rubber. It also has a riser, which lifts the top surface a little higher.

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You can use the platform to perform simple exercises, like jumping on and off with one leg. Likewise, you could perform push-ups with your feet raised on the OctoFit. Basically, anything you would normally do with a bench in a fitness class.

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Next, you can move to resistance training. OctoFit has super-strong tubes that will hold firm to 200 pounds of force. It also comes with specially-designed bands, which you can use for a range of exercises. For instance, you could do squats with the bands tying you down or perform bicep curls.

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Of course, you don’t strictly need something like OctoFit to perform these exercises. But the point of this system is to put everything you need in one device.

Wobble for the Win

OctoFit’s final trick becomes apparent when you lift the top platform. The underside is dome-shaped, meaning you can use the whole thing as a balance board.

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Instructors tend to use balance-based exercises for core work. This could mean standing on a wobbly surface, or supporting yourself on the rotating handles. Thankfully, you can adjust the wobbliness to suit your physical abilities.

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To help you make the most of your OctoFit, you also get access to an online training library. This can’t match the feeling of being surrounded by fellow sweat-addicts, but it’s probably the next best thing.

“We’ve built a revolutionary exercise system that keeps you motivated and engaged so you can meet all of your fitness goals. Get the ultimate full body workout anywhere with the OctoFit System and online workout library.” — Level10 on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

An all-in-one home gym that leaves no space for lazy excuses.

Future Designs

We would love to see some smart technology in the next addition. Maybe something to count your reps automatically?


– Kickstarter: Until December 19th

– Pledge: $199 USD

– Delivery: February 2018

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