Do you really need to spend $6000 on a smart toilet?

Every inch of our lives, from our cars to our pets, is getting an intelligent redesign. With everything automated and simplified, an intelligent bathroom seems like the next logical step. However, the consequences of a smart bathroom may outweigh the benefits.

Do you really need to spend $6000 on a smart toilet?
  • With some of us spending more time in the bathroom than exercising, it’s not surprising we’re upgrading the technology in the loo.
  • Kohler debuted its super smart $6,000 toilet. But, they also offer (slightly) cheaper options as well – the Veil is (only) $4,500.
  • It’s a fact that our AI systems listen to us in order to bring us the best information. In that case, adding smart systems in the bathroom hardly seems like a good idea.

When Nest first introduced their smart thermostat way back in 2010, they blew our minds with the potential. Since then, things are getting smarter and smarter every day. From your front door to the inside of your refrigerator, smart home gadgets are taking over your house. You can either go with the flow and make life a bit easier or stick to your normal routine and not feel overwhelmed with too much technology around. However, the innovation we saw at CES 2018 makes us think – are smart home devices allowing us to be independent or making us too vulnerable?

Toilet Seats with Brains – Are We Ready Yet?

Take the Kohler intelligent toilet, for example. Previously untouched by technology, the desire for total home automation has taken over. This smart device just transformed the most private area of your home.

U by Moen Smart Shower

U by Moen Smart Shower

Yes, we’ve seen Moen’s smart shower or the Mango Mirror that do make our bathrooms smarter. And, thus, make our mornings a bit more bearable. But, when it comes to a smart toilet, there are two striking reasons to take a moment to pause the smart bathroom revolution:

  1. You don’t want to be monitored while pooping.
  2. Who spends $6000 on a toilet?

Number 2 in Total Luxury

Price and privacy aside, this toilet does, in fact, sport some incredible technology. The Numi intelligent toilet from Kohler does more than you can imagine.

Automatic Luxury Toilets from Kohler

Automatic Luxury Toilets from Kohler

  • It provides ambient color lighting every time you open the lid along with wireless Bluetooth music sync capability. So, all those of you who need music while going #2, this is the toilet for you.
  • The heated seat and foot warmer are minor touches with a big impact. Recall any of your late-night trips to the loo on a cold winter night and you’ll know exactly why this comes into play.
  • It has an app and a remote to make sure each user has their own personal presets.
  • It has access to Alexa to keep you connected.

But, is this innovation enough to offset the massive price tag? Perhaps, with all the time we spend in the loo, this toilet can make your daily life more luxurious. But, unless you are desperate to be extremely ahead of the curve, it’s a bit overkill.

Kohler Numi Toilet

Glow in the Dark Feature

How Far Can We Go with This?

With Kohler taking a step ahead to design a smarter toilet, maybe future designs can also predict your health. Integrating intelligent sensors, such as one that can analyze the contents you pass, may help diagnose health disorders before they’re a serious problem. Clearly, the potential of smart home gadgets is huge. They offer unprecedented convenience. But, while every discovery has its advantages, you can’t overlook the disadvantages. By letting technology control our lives to this level, are we taking connectivity too far?

Numi Toilets Close by Themselves

Numi Toilets Close by Themselves

Artificial intelligence certainly has its place and its benefits. But, the question remains. Are we ready to give our toilets a brain? Don’t let Alexa answer that for you.

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