Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+: The People Want More Curves!

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+: The People Want More Curves!

When I reviewed the original S6 edge, I shared the opinion of many other tech journalists: it was pretty but it didn’t add a whole lot to the experience. The premium price for a bit of flashy hardware which doesn’t enhance the usage, who would want that? Additionally, it lacked the typical Android staples of a removable battery and a micro SD card slot. Apparently, people want the looks and can live without those staples. The S6 edge was a hit and Samsung has been trying to catch up ever since. Now we have a supersized version of the S6 edge called the S6 edge+ for those who want the curves and more screen real estate.



The S6 edge+ is exactly what it seems: a bigger version of the S6 edge. The rest of the design hasn’t been touched; it uses the same materials, same form factor, same everything. Granted, this is a good thing because the build quality is astounding and you won’t find a more eye catching device on the market. Even the iPhone is outclassed because Samsung is the only company doing anything with curved edges on mobile devices. LG has slight curves on some of their devices but they don’t have the flash of the S6 edge+.

The success of Samsung’s big bet says a lot about the consumer; it actually makes more sense when you think about it in the context of Apple. The iPhone hasn’t been about giving the consumer too many choices, it’s always been about simplifying the experience while still delivering an excellent product. It seems Samsung has jumped on the same train by delivering a quality product without all the fuss of options. And I get it; not everybody lives for the hunt of the best device, they just need something that’ll get the job done without too much effort.


What It Does

The S6 edge+ has changed only a little bit under the hood. With a bigger 5.7 inch display, the S6 edge+ now packs 4 GB of RAM with the same powerful processor. It does have a smallish battery for its size but Samsung has packed in Fast Charge and Wireless Charging. The same awesome camera returns and Samsung has built some exclusive accessories like the keyboard cover which means there are still some choices for the consumers to make.

The “edge” software has also been improved in both the looks and functionality department; it seems to be an overall snappier experience. No word on price just yet but look for this to be an above premium priced device. The S6 edge+ is the future and I really want it.

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