Techy gadget concepts we wish would come true

With all the new tech released every day, it's easy to feel a bit bombarded. And overwhelmed by how much your paycheck can't afford. But sometimes it's fun to window shop online, glancing at the concept creations from different artists and brands. From useful smart home gadgets to just plain fun devices, concept designs are truly fun to look at. Plus, they won't break the bank because you can't buy them—yet.

Techy gadget concepts we wish would come true
Ordine Movable Cooktop Design Concept

We all like to daydream sometimes. And some of us come up with some pretty cool ideas while we do so. How about a coffee maker that also cooks your breakfast? Oh, that already exists. That’s okay, you’ll think of something else. While you’re waiting for your next big idea, take a look at some of these techy gadget concepts.

Created by big brands and independent designers, these cool concept designs combine form and function. Why stick with the same ugly router that takes up counter space when you could hang a beautiful one? And there will be no reason to pick up your dog’s poop from the yard when you see what could exist.

While we’ve covered concept products before, there are new ideas every day. So you can browse these cool concept devices we’ve found recently and wish were real. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to design something of your own.

Slide Minimalist Thermostat

Simplify your home with the Slide Minimalist Thermostat, which makes managing your home’s temperature a simple process. Its modern OLED display fades from a light blue on the left side cool end to a dark red on the right side warm end. So you simply slide the plastic piece from side to side depending on where you want the temperature to stay. However, it’s not a guessing game because the display clearly shows you the temperature on the right side.

Wall Router Minimalist Hanging Internet Router

The Wall Router Minimalist Hanging Internet Router gives you a classy, modern-looking router that you’ll be proud to display. So, while it isn’t completely cordless, it eliminates extra wires in favor of a two-in-one cable. Because this minimalist router hangs on your wall, your Wi-Fi signal will be better amplified. As it’s a hanging router, it won’t encounter as many obstructions in your home, so you’ll have a stronger and more reliable signal. Furthermore, the ring of light on this router is a visual indicator of how well your Wi-Fi signal is performing.

NIOXCSM Wireless Charging Light

The NIOXCSM Wireless Charging Light desk lamp makes sure annoying cords for your smartphone, computer, and tablet aren’t in view. It’s just a concept for now, but this minimalist multi-socket light would be really useful. It has a simple design that won’t take up much space on your desk because it sits on the edge. The lamp is high enough to provide ample light, but it’s thin enough to not get in your way. It has one outlet port for your laptop, two USB ports, one USB-C port, and a wireless charging base so you can charge multiple gadgets at once.

Table Objet Multipurpose Bedside Table

The Table Objet Multipurpose Bedside Table is your all-in-one nighttime solution. This nightstand is more than just a table: it has a built-in speaker, lamp, wireless charger, and storage space. The integrated speaker lets you play white noise while you sleep. Or, you can use this nightstand as a nightlight. If you need a bit of brightness to light your way to the bathroom without waking your partner, this muted lamp will be your guide.

Ordine Movable Cooktop

The concept design of the Ordine Movable Cooktop shows you that your burner doesn’t have to be a burden. This movable stove hangs on your wall so your burners are out of the way when they’re not in use. It’s the same idea behind putting away pots and pans when you’re done with them. This movable burner gives you more freedom when you’re cooking. You won’t have to squeeze large pots on top of too-small burners. With this unique design, you can place the burners exactly where you need them on your kitchen countertop.

Beetl Robotics Autonomous Poop Scooper

Save yourself both hassle and smell with the Beetl Robotics Autonomous Poop Scooper, which automatically finds your dog’s doo-doo in your backyard. And then it scoops it up, too. Set its docking station in your backyard, and the Beetl will venture out when it needs to search around for your pup’s business. Using its vision, this backyard robot maps your backyard with a grid, determining where any poops, large or small, have been left. With its large rear wheels, this robot can handle even rough grass, too.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Swimming Drone

The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Swimming Drone by Draper & Sprout Studios has big potential. This swimming AUV can help clean the ocean by finding and picking up plastic microparticles. Skimming the top nine meters of the water’s surface, it detects and analyzes plastic particulate matter. This AUV not only finds and cleans up tiny plastics that are invisible to the human eye, but it also helps scientists understand where the pollution comes from. With a gadget like this swimming along, there’s hope for clean oceans again.

TROVA Smart Secure Storage Devices

The TROVA Smart Secure Storage Devices keep your items secure and accessible. Both TROVA Go and TROVA Home are aesthetically pleasing, so you can keep them out in the open. Moreover, they use biometric security to ensure you’re the only person able to access them. Whether their contents is valuable or just private, you’ll rest assured knowing no one else can see it. The TROVA Home is perfect for your desk or bedroom, while the TROVA Go can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

The North Face SunUp Solar Backpack

Gleaning energy while backpacking has never been efficient, but the concept design The North Face SunUp Solar Backpack would make it so. This articulating solar backpack has efficient, connected panels made of a flexible thin film with conductive hinges. These durable panels provide you with more surface area to charge a 4,000-mAh battery in just 12 hours. So after a complete day of hiking on a sunny day, you’ll have enough power to recharge your device.

Now you know what our favorite recent techy gadget concepts are. We’d love that movable cooktop for a small apartment and the solar backpack for our next adventure. What concept devices have you seen that you love?

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