Teforia Brews Perfect Cups of Tea Using Tasty Algorithms

Teforia Brews Perfect Cups of Tea Using Tasty Algorithms

Brewing tea is an art that takes years to master. Most people simply don’t have the proper tools and knowledge (or the patience) to make a perfect cup of tea every morning. A new startup called Teforia wants to change that. Backed by Lemnos Labs, PreAngel, Upfront Ventures and InnoSpring, the group launched a tiny robot that uses complex formulas to deliver a morning brew instantly.

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SIP Technology

The technology behind the machine is called Selective Infusion Process or SIP. Depending on the type of leaves you select from the menu, it will know which method to apply to preserve the robust taste of the beverage. After selecting the type of tea, the creation process only takes roughly four minutes. The device does away with traditional steeping, and applies its own method to make up for the climatic experience.

“Keurig is fine, but it doesn’t put any attention into the crafting process, or on how to adjust the brewing based on the type of tea,” said Allen Han, founder of the startup. “Teforia knows what type of tea you’re brewing and how to properly brew it, like having a tea master in your home.”

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Tea Journal

Teforia comes with an app to help you keep track of your drinks. A journal section will tell you which teas you’ve been chugging on a daily basis, as well as your favorites. Over time, the app compiles this information and makes smart choices based on your personal preferences.

The savvy kitchen appliance does come with a price. While tea is known for generally being low cost, this may not be the case with the Teforia. With a price tag of $649 (pre-order price), the machine could feel like a monetary set back for casual tea drinkers. But for hardcore enthusiasts, the device offers a complete tea experience without the lengthy ritual.

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