Get true privacy on video calls with HELLO 2

There’s nothing more personal than inviting someone into your home or office — even if it is through a camera. With HELLO 2, you can be sure that only your friends and colleagues will see your video calls.

Get true privacy on video calls with HELLO 2
  • Can my webcam be hacked? Unfortunately, yes. Stick something over the lens if you’re concerned.
  • Is Skype secure? Yes, assuming your device is also secure. The platform uses strong encryption.
  • What is the most secure webcam? With end-to-end encryption and privacy controls, HELLO 2 offers peace of mind.

Similarly, video calling once seemed like an entirely safe activity. But as cybercrime has become more advanced, the dangers have grown. The thought of someone spying on your private conversations or taking over your webcam is pretty horrific. Little wonder Mark Zuckerberg sticks a piece of card over the lens of his MacBook.

However, there is a safe way to make video calls. HELLO 2 is an encrypted webcam that lets you talk to friends and colleagues with complete confidence. In addition, this device captures 4K HDR live video and integrates with smart voice assistants.

How can you stop your webcam being hacked?

Given that services like Skype use strong encryption, there is relatively little chance of your video calls being hacked.

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HELLO 2 lets you keep control

The danger arises when you hang up. While your webcam is dormant, hackers may be able to gain control of the camera without you ever realizing.

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Physical privacy protection on HELLO 2

HELLO 2 protects your privacy from all sides. To make sure your video calls are secure, the device uses end-to-end encryption. When you finish talking, you simply press a switch on the device to disable the camera and mics. This physical break makes it impossible for anyone to take digital control.

4K HDR video calls

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HELLO 2 captures 4K HDR video

But HELLO 2 isn’t only about privacy.

This Android-powered camera offers stunning quality on video calls, thanks to a Sony 4 HDR sensor. HELLO 2 also has night vision capabilities, and four mics for perfect sound.

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Video conferencing with HELLO 2

The device hooks up to any TV via HDMI, and lets you make calls via Skype, Messenger, Hangouts, WeChat, Zoom, and many other platforms. Live streamers can use the device to broadcast on YouTube and Twitch, while business users have the option of upgrading to HELLO Touch. This package pairs the camera with a large digital whiteboard.

Fun extras

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Stream content with HELLO 2

Being hooked up to your TV and equipped with a 6-core processor, HELLO 2 is capable of much more than video calling.

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HELLO 2 works as a smart speaker

For instance, you can use the device for wireless screen sharing, and install your favorite video apps. HELLO 2 also works with Google Assistant and Alexa, meaning you can use voice commands. Furthermore, the device can automate your home via Zigbee.

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HELLO 2 does more than just video calls

If that wasn’t enough, HELLO 2 even works as a games console. You can purchase a controller as an add-on, and use it to play most Android games.

“With significantly improved hardware and software, the second generation HELLO 2 transforms any TV into the world’s most powerful communication device.” — HELLO Solaborate Team

True privacy

If you want true privacy, HELLO 2 offers peace of mind. This device is super secure, and packed with great features.

A little pricey?

Paying over $400 for a webcam seems silly. But it’s worth remembering that HELLO 2 also takes the place of a streaming box, a games console, a smart speaker, and even a security camera.


– Kickstarter: Until December 8th

– Pledge: $449 USD

– Delivery: December 2018th

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