Vifa Releases Modern Handbag Speakers

Vifa Releases Modern Handbag Speakers

When you need music on the go, pick up the Helsinki. The latest portable Bluetooth speakers from Vifa labs is probably one of the best looking loudspeakers you’ve seen in a while. It also works great too. Here’s the scoop on the upbeat gadget.

Vifa Helsinki small

Where is that music coming from? 

The Helsinki is small and mimics the frame of a handbag. From a distance, it doesn’t look like a set of speakers. The handle also adds to the trickery, forcing you to carry it around like a real purse. A closer look suggests that it’s certified music tool. Tiny, round volume controls located in the corner of the bag will help you manage your playlist without distracting your friends or workmates.

The gadget weighs roughly 3lbs., which is incredibly light for speakers. You can choose from the following colors: Willow Green, Misty Blue, Dusty Rose and Sandstone Grey.

Vifa Helsinki office

How does it sound?

In addition to looking stylish, the loudspeaker can dish out serious, head-banging tunes. “Inside, two 50mm full-range aluminum cone and neodymium magnet drivers do double duty as mid-range and tweeter, with left and right channel full range drivers spaced apart as far as possible and angled slightly backwards to separate stereo output. Two 60mm Vifa woofer units take care of the low-end,” wrote Gregory Han, tech editor at Design Milk.

Connecting to the gadget is as simple as pairing it with your smartphone or any Bluetooth device. A robust LED display will tell you the status of the pair, as well as the availability of the actual speaker. You’ll never be left in the dark fiddling with the controls. Alternatively, you could connect to the unit directly via AUX. This is useful if you’re just around the speaker and you don’t need the wireless functionality. This also allows you to connect to other devices that aren’t equipped with Bluetooth.

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