11 Sophisticated Products For Your Home by Magisso

11 Sophisticated Products For Your Home by Magisso

Our kitchen is probably the most precious area of the house next to our bedrooms. That obviously makes it one of those places you would want to organize and stock up with some of the coolest accessories available out there. By cool I mean designs that are out of the box and are definitely worth using on an everyday basis. When I first came across the Magisso products, all I could say was “wow”.

This Finnish brand has been on a mission to give your kitchen products a spectacular makeover ever since 2008 and they have been pretty successful in doing so. What really makes their products tick are the design and the way they present them to the crowd. You can spend hours admiring each of their product videos on YouTube and yet not feel bored at all. So, I thought of dedicating a special roundup to these amazing designers who have been changing our everyday kitchen products and giving them a look you can’t ignore having on your kitchen top.

Here are the 11 most desirable products from Magisso you can have at your home today.

Bulb Citrus Reamer

Ideally designed for quick juicing. You can use this reamer to squeeze out the juice from any citrus fruit by using the double ended organic shape. It also comes on a bamboo stand.

Tea Cup

The triangle bottom makes it easy to control the strength of the tea you desire. Mess-free approach to having your favorite tea leaves.

Tea Cup Magisso

Tea-Cup New Pastel Color

The tea cups becomes even more stylish with the new pastel shades. They are: Tasty Mint, Fresh Lemon, Cherry Blossom.

magisso Tea-Cup New Pastel Color

Serving Set

This includes three sculptural tableware objects; Pie Server, Cheese Knife and Cheese Slicer. The best thing about them is that they can be set sideways on the table so as to not mess up the table cloth.

Cake Server

Every time you decide to serve your cake, you’ll get that perfect piece with this server.

Cake Server New Pastel Color

Makes cutting your favorite cake simple and easy. Now available in four new pastel colors such as Tasty Mint, Snow White, Cherry Blossom and Fresh Lemon.

magisso Cake Server New Pastel Color

Cool-ID Shot Glass

It’s a self-cooling shot glass that will keep your drinks 40% cooler than the surrounding temperature. Must have for summer times.

magisso Cool-ID Shot Glass

Cool-ID Tumbler

Just like the shot glass, the tumbler is also designed to keep your drinks or beer colder than the ambient temperature. You just have to soak it for a minute under water or a running tap for the cooling effect to start.

Naturally Cooling Ceramics For Food

Designed for those fine dining or everyday meals you need to serve cool and fresh. Forget those times when you needed a freezer to keep food cool.

Naturally Cooling Ceramics for Drinks

Enjoying your drinks by the pool or for dinner becomes even more stylish and sophisticated with this set of ceramic servers. Like the dining set, the drink servers also work as efficient coolers.

Magnetic Tea-Ball

Your vintage teapot just got an upgrade with this stunning tea-ball. It’s magnetic and fits in most teapots. Most importantly, this tea-ball is drip free.

magisso Magnetic Tea-Ball

Cutting Board

It makes cutting easier, safer and less messy. The perfect work bench for your kitchen.

Magnetic Sponge Holder

Your dirty scrub sponge can now be stored in a mess free way but not away from reach. The magnet helps in installing this holder easily on the sink without using any additional tools.

magisso Magnetic Sponge Holder

Magnetic Cloth Holder

A great approach to keeping that dirty dish cloth properly organized.

Don’t you think these products are amazing? What’s your favorite from the list? Share with us in the comments below. Happy Gadgeting!

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