7 Gadgets to make your commute super easy

Commuting has always been a stressful task. Whether you're battling traffic on the streets or surviving the over-stuffed subways, it's a pain we've got to bear for the rest of our working lives. But, with these gadgets and accessories, there's hope for some peace despite all the stress.

7 Gadgets to make your commute super easy
  • Are commutes really that bad? Studies say yes. The average commute for an American is over 26 minutes. And, public transport isn’t much better. That means commuters spend nine days a year just getting to and from work.
  • How can you avoid traffic? With your own personal vehicle, you can zip in and out of congested areas with ease. The Inmotor Go can take you up to 16mph and easily recharges in just 2.5 hours.
  • What can make your commute even better? Add some convenience to your commute with accessories. This leak-proof coffee mug keeps spills to a minimum while this smart Garmin dash cam offers turn-by-turn directions.

Commuting to work has always been annoying. You have to carry everything you need yet also keep things light enough to lug everywhere. It’s an oxymoron – isn’t it? The true definition of rise and grind, our commutes can be brutal. Rather than sit back and deal with it, you can make changes to make your everyday life a bit easier.

Hear only what you want to hear

Possibly the biggest burden of a public transportation commute is all the noise around you. From loud chewers to people singing along to their playlists, everything seems substantially louder in a subway car. That’s exactly why we tend to put in our earbuds and listen to music on the go. But, unfortunately, you’re also blocking out important noise at the same time, such as announcements and delay details. So, go for something that helps you balance both worlds to stay informed yet content.

Knops Adjustable Acoustic Hearing Buds

Compact and sleek, these earbuds remain in your ears yet are totally accessible. With Knops, you can choose just how much environmental noise you hear. In addition, you can also opt for total silence. The Knops Hearing Buds gives you the power to control real-world audio without the use of electronics.

Acoustic Hearing Buds

Acoustic Hearing Buds

Ride by yourself

Biking to work might be good for your health but it’s hardly ideal to rock up to the office covered in sweat. Instead, a personal vehicle helps you beat traffic, avoid the overpacked train, and even enjoy the sights on your journey.

SEGWAY ES1 Foldable Ninebot KickScooter

Delivering optimal speed and range, the Ninebot KickScooter is fun for commuters, college students, and teenagers to get around. The KickScooter offers a maximum speed of 12.5mph as well a range of approximately 15.5 miles. That’s plenty for most city commutes and you can even recharge while you’re working.

Bike to work comfortably

If you do opt for a traditional bike, carrying your essentials is a balancing act. The wrong bag can send you off course or make you pedal harder than you need. Instead, go for a bag that’s designed for cycling commuters.

The Elegant Urban Cycling Commuter Backpack

The backpack has a convenient touchscreen pocket which means users can navigate GPS and handle music without stopping. This is a must-have feature for urban cyclists. The luxurious design and choice of materials create a truly elegant bag, and its many useful features are designed to offer solutions for your every need.

Urban Cycling Commuter Backpack

Urban Cycling Commuter Backpack

Carry the important stuff in your pockets

You can never be too prepared and having the right tools is always beneficial. But, carrying around a big box of them isn’t practical. Thanks to some smart product designers, compact tools are making our lives easier than ever.

CLiP System Compact Storage and Driver Multitool

Standing for Carry, Light, and Protect, this tool set is practical and easy to carry anywhere. The CLiP System features the BitVault and the BitLight. The BitVault is a small carrying system that transforms into a compact screwdriver. Plus, it can hold six hex bits or any other small items. It’s the perfect spot for vitamins, toothpicks, or anything else you need. The BitLight extends this functionality to also include a bright LED flashlight.

Compact Storage and Driver Multitool

Compact Storage and Driver Multitool

Take a seat anywhere

When it comes to trains and busses, an open seat is a hot commodity. Before you race to get a seat (which you’ll inevitably give up for someone more in need), carry your very own with you.

Sitpack ZEN X Compact Posture Chair

This highly portable system offers the perfect place to sit on the go. The latest version of this portable seat doesn’t just let you rest. Instead, the ZEN X also improves your posture while you sit. The secret is in the design. Because it allows you to keep a standing posture, your spine and neck remain aligned.

Compact Posture Chair

Compact Posture Chair

Keep power by your side

One concern almost all of us have today is our phone batteries. They always seem to run out of power at the worst times. Having a backup power source is a must for your commute.

TENDO CHARGE Disposable Emergency Charger

Extremely compact, this set includes three different batteries for a one-time top up. The TENDO CHARGE Chargers each feature a pre-charged 1000mAh battery. This is enough to give your smartphone a one-time 30-35% boost in battery life. You can also use it on your tablet or any other Apple device.

Accessibility is a priority

Whether it’s your bus ticket or your most-used card, easy access simplifies the way we commute. Make things easier on yourself by combining accessories to keep everything right where you need it.

Everyday iPhone X Wallet Case

The design is elegant and perfect for regular use as it covers your iPhone X on all corners and gives an extra edging around the camera for additional protection. Additionally, the case also sports two card slots on the back where you can keep your most-used cards within reach.

Everyday iPhone X Wallet Case

Everyday iPhone X Wallet Case

What else do you carry to make your everyday commute easier? Share with us in the comments below.

PS. We recently launched a separate category on Personal Vehicles for those who want to tackle through traffic in style!

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