Amazon One brings contactless payments to Whole Foods stores

Amazon One continues to expand by offering a contactless payment option at initial Whole Foods Market store in Seattle. Explore more in today's blog post.

Amazon One brings contactless payments to Whole Foods stores
Amazon One in use in a store

On April 21, Amazon announced the expansion of Amazon One—a convenient payment service first introduced last September. Currently, Amazon One is used as both an entry and payment option at several Amazon stores in the Seattle area. Thousands of customers have signed up to Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, and Amazon Pop Up to enjoy a contactless nature for a safe and convenient environment.

Now, this tech giant has expanded this service as a payment method for checkout use in seven Whole Foods Market stores in the Seattle area that will be launching over the next months.

How this payment service works explained in a video

How to sign up to Amazon One

Signing up to Amazon One is quick and easy. In participating stores, you can sign up and enroll in less than a minute via a kiosk in-store. Simply insert your credit card and hover your palm over the scanning device. For security measurements, follow the prompts associated with that card in real-time, so only you can use the credit card associated. You’ll have the option of enrolling with one palm or both; it’s purely down to personal preference.

If you’ve previously signed up for this service at a store, you’ll need to complete the enrollment process in-store. Fortunately, this only takes a couple of minutes and involves you inserting your credit card to continue use in the applicable stores. Additionally, if you link your ID to your Amazon account, you’ll automatically receive a Prime member discount.

Amazon One brings contactless payments to Whole Foods stores
Amazon’s new payment service in use at a checkout

How the scanning device works

The technology in the scanning device automatically evaluates several aspects of your palm. Using vision technology, it can identify several parts of your palm to distinguish your identity from someone else’s.

Overall, this new technology can help to make your shopping experience more efficient. Additionally, it’ll resolve any dilemmas of not having your credit card with you when you’re shopping. Amazon One be available to the following Whole Food Market stores in the Seattle area soon: West Seattle, Interbay, Westlake, Kirkland, Lynnwood, Roosevelt Square, and Redmond.

What are your thoughts? Let us know if you’ll be signing up to this service in the comments.

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