The best car gaming peripherals for virtual racers

While most gamers cling to their controllers, racing enthusiasts need something a little different. These car gaming peripherals should help you tear up the tarmac and take pole position.

The best car gaming peripherals for virtual racers
  • What driving games are coming out this year? Look out for DiRT Rally 2.0, Assetto Corsa Competizione and GRID Autosport on Switch.
  • How much should you spend on a steering wheel? Anything over $100; the price you pay will dictate the level of realism you will enjoy.
  • What are the best VR headsets for racing games? We like the PSVR and HTC Vive Cosmos headsets — keep scrolling for a closer look.

Playing driving games can be quite frustrating when you lack the proper equipment. Clipping the apex is so much harder when you have to control your car with a tiny joystick.

If you love virtual racing, these car gaming peripherals should make the experience more fun.

Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel (PC/Xbox)

For sofa-based drivers with an unlimited budget, the Fanatec CSL Elite is the pinnacle of automotive control. Used by top esports players, this wheel provides very smooth steering. You also get a great set of pedals, strong force feedback, and nice customization options.

Thrustmaster T-GT Steering Wheel (PC/PS4)

The best that money can buy for PS4 racing is probably the T-GT. This wheel has integrated PS4 controls, and it works seamlessly with Gran Turismo. In addition, the build quality is superb — the T-GT feels like the wheel of a real racing car.

Thrustmaster T300RS for (PC/PS4)

If your budget can’t stretch to either of the wheels above, invest your money in the T300RS. It feels a little cheaper, but you still get full 180-degree steering with no “notches”. Furthermore, you get good force feedback.

HORI Racing Wheel (PC/Xbox or PS4)

This affordable wheel provides a very usable driving experience for under $100. Sure, you only get two pedals and basic feedback — but it’s a great option if you want to upgrade from a standard controller.

Logitech G920 Steering Wheel (PC/Xbox or PS4)

The G920 comes in two versions: one with Xbox support and one for PS4. They both provide a solid driving experience, with dual-motor force feedback and metal pedals.

Logitech G920 Steering Wheel - The best car gaming peripherals for virtual racers

The G920 is a good mid-range option

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Xbox Adaptive Controller

Of course, not everyone can use a wheel or even a regular controller. For these people, the Xbox Adaptive Controller provides accessible controls that are perfect for racing.

PlayStation VR Headset

If you want to feel the rush of real racing, the PlayStation VR Headset can help. This device provides an immersive view of the action, with 1080p resolution at 120fps.

HTC VIVE Cosmos Premium PC VR System

The brand new VR headset from HTC offers PC racers the same level of immersion. This beauty offers sharp visuals and full motion tracking, with support for an impressive list of games.

Car gaming peripherals

Do you already own a steering wheel? Leave a review in the comments for your fellow racers!

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