The Cauden Money Clip Carries It All Without Weighing You Down

The Cauden Money Clip Carries It All Without Weighing You Down

As a woman, it’s socially acceptable for me to carry a large purse (filled with bricks). I have a remedy for anything, a Band-Aid for whenever you need it, extra contacts, and everything in between. But I don’t need all that stuff. What’s socially acceptable for men, however; is a bulging wallet that looks unorganised and uncomfortable. Luckily, the creators of the Cauden money clip decided enough was enough.

The Cauden is the ultimate money clip. Made with premium and durable materials, it allows you to carry just what you need and it won’t weigh you down.


Made with ultra strong yet flexible carbon fiber, the Cauden is super lightweight weighing in a just six grams (the same as a US quarter!). The sheets of material used are actually from Toray Industries, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of carbon fiber. Structurally sound, the Cauden money clip can handle the all day every day removal of your cash and cards without batting an eye or becoming weak.


Protecting the carbon fiber frame is a layer of fine Italian vegetable tanned leather. This subtle luxury gives the Cauden an extra boost of style without adding bulk to the clip nor detracting from its functionality. This high quality leather spans the entire exterior from edge to edge and is sealed in place with a special coating. Available in eight colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, purple, and brown, the coating along the edges has been precisely matched to the leather to complete the seamless look while the carbon fiber is just visible underneath.

Cauden colors

The Cauden is ideal for your every day. Because it can hold your cards, cash, ID, and membership cards, you don’t need to worry about leaving anything behind when you want to carry a bit lighter. It’s sleek and minimal and perfectly complements any wardrobe. You can just grab the Cauden and go.

Cauden in pocket

Live on Indiegogo for the next month, the Cauden can be reserved for an early bird price of just $50 while it will retail for $67. Seeking funding to work with the collaborating manufacturers, their goal is $12k. The reserved Cauden money clips will ship in August 2016.

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