Hidden iPhone X tips and tricks to make your life easier

The iPhone X is all about new technology at your fingertips. So much so that this new device can provide a steep learning curve for loyal iOS users. But, even with all these great new features, will the pricing stand in the way of its success?

Hidden iPhone X tips and tricks to make your life easier

While the insanely expensive price tag is to blame for poor sales, the iPhone X is still a major player in the world of updated technology. The smartphone wasn’t just another iPhone with a bigger screen and Animojis. There’s a lot more to this device than the headlines are saying. Most people are concerned about the $1000 they’d have to drop as no update seems to warrant that price. In fact, taking away some features has made even the most devoted iPhone users doubt their continued patronage. But, for some, the price tag is merely a hurdle to getting their hands on the latest technology. We’re here to help you wade through the process of getting to know your new iPhone X. If you consider the selfies and Animojis as the best features, you need to think again. The new iPhone X has a lot more to offer.

iPhone X lock screen

iPhone X lock screen

Exploring AR like never before

Believe it or not, the Apple ARKit on the iPhone X will blow your mind with the new apps and games. This technology wasn’t even on the playing field just a year or two ago. Now, whether it’s playing basketball in the center of your living room or watching dinosaurs run alongside you, this technology is everpresent in your everyday life – and we couldn’t be more excited.

The new ARKit update in iOS 11.3 has mastered the art of AR. From surfaces to images, ARKit makes your experience with AR as smooth as possible. And, this is just the beginning.

Possibly the best application of this technology is the way it has simplified online shopping. From IKEA to products here at Gadget Flow, everyone’s trying to transform online product discovery into a real experience for customers.

Faster access with Face ID

Precision and accuracy are what make Face ID one of the most impressive features of the iPhone X. But, most users aren’t using it to its full potential. The True Depth camera is truly impressive and works faster than you think. So fast, in fact, that you can quickly raise your phone and swipe it open. There’s no need to wait for the Face ID padlock to open. And if you want to quickly disable Face ID, all you need to do is press the power button five times in a row.

iPhone X with no Home Button

iPhone X with no Home Button

Save up to 60% battery life

According to tests by AppleInsider, you can extend your iPhone X’s battery life by up to 60% by tweaking its power consumption. Simply use a black wallpaper, invert colors to create a pseudo “dark mode,” and turn on grayscale mode. This uses less power so you can use your smartphone for even longer.

One-handed keyboard

Even with the bigger screen size, typing can still be efficient with this one-handed keyboard. Rather than taking up the entire width, the one-handed keyboard slides the keys to either the left or the right. This gives you full reach to every key all with your thumb. Select the keyboard by going to Settings -> General -> Keyboards menu. Or, you can select the global icon on the keyboard and switch between the one-handed keyboards as and when required.

JPEG-killing HEIF image format

One of the coolest features of iPhone X is the HEIF image format. In fact, it’s more like a file container than a file format. HEIFs are half the size of standard JPEG files and, once selected, allow you to take more pictures without worrying about the storage space. HEIF is also flexible which means that it can either be a single image or a sequence of images. Plus, they offer better color and could rid your photos of unsightly banding.

Hidden iPhone X tips and tricks

iPhone X sales dropping low

Removing the iconic home button and ditching reachability at the top of the screen might seem like a big blow for old iPhone users. These changes contribute to an interesting learning curve after switching to the iPhone X. But, there’s a lot more to this phone than meets the eye. If you plan on getting one or are trying to get used to the interface, there’s a lot to explore. It’s a phone that certainly takes you to the forefront of technology. However, the pricing will be the ultimate decider of the smartphone’s longevity.

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