Introducing FlipBelt – A Fantastic Athletic Belt For Your Pocket Essentials

Introducing FlipBelt – A Fantastic Athletic Belt For Your Pocket Essentials

If you’re one of those fitness freaks like me who prefer working out everyday or undergo trekking and adventurous trips every weekend, you’ll definitely agree to what I’m about to say next. Remember the baggy pants with bulky pockets which were so annoying to wear at the gym because of the loose fit and the boring look that was nothing close to being stylish. Ugh! Apparently the manufacturers might have thought we aren’t interested in being stylish while working out. But those days are long gone. Today’s fitness wears are sleek and very much in line with our everyday style quotient. Having said that, I would say I’m still not satisfied to wear them. That’s because they still lack that one compartment all of us surely can’t do without – The pockets!

There’s so much to carry when you’re working out or running down the hills or simply walking at the park. Be it your keys or credit cards or smartphones, there are tons of accessories you need pockets for. But if you see closely, most modern fitness wears don’t have them. Again, if you happen to be using fitness trackers, you simply can’t do without a smartphone as most of them show the analyzed data on the corresponding smartphone app. So you’re left with the baggy pants which can make you face those near-embarrassing moments when they are about to fall off because of the extra baggage you carry. To add to that is the constant bouncing of the accessories whenever you’re actively involved in exercising. All that boils down to one conclusion – Fitness Wear still lacks a solution for storing your pocket essentials. But not anymore as now we have FlipBelt – The world’s first running and workout belt that won’t let you juggle with your pocket accessories when you’re on your fitness journey everyday.

FlipBelt for pocket essentials

Enjoy Freedom While You Workout

Led by a health conscious and creative team based in Colorado, FlipBelt is an entire pocket you can carry wherever you go. This need not be only during your fitness training sessions; you can carry a FlipBelt even when you’re at the park playing with your kids. The concept was to make you feel free both in the mind and body when you’re working out. This is absolutely necessary in order to make the most out of your fitness workouts everyday.


You won’t require any buckles when wearing the FlipBelt. All you need to do is pull it on like a pair of pants, place over or under clothes, and easily slide in your stuff through the four openings, two in the front and two at the back. It’s designed to let you carry your essentials by keeping your hands free.

FlipBelt workout belt

No Bounce, No Bulk

Every FlipBelt is a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend which can sit snugly on your hip without letting you feel any bounce or bulk of the accessories contained within. From holding your keys, smartphones, earplugs, credit cards, bills to anything you prefer storing in your pockets, FlipBelt can have them all secured in place. In case you feel worried as to whether they’ll fall off while you run around or exercise, you can simply flip the belt inward once you place the accessories in.

FlipBelt for athletes

As the team explained on their website, “Our concept was built on personal experience of being unable to find a unique solution that helped us during our endeavors. Thus, FlipBelt was born. This is the first item our team offers to the world and has created an unbelievable community, brand and business. From elite to not-so elite athletes. From fitness enthusiasts to wanderlusters.”

FlipBelt running belt

Fits Most Pocket Essentials

The FlipBelt has a 3-inch width and can fit most smartphones, with the exception of the Note 2 which, according to customers, will be more of a snug fit. You need to be careful with the cases having rubber on them as this might be difficult to adjust with the fabric. Since the belt is not completely waterproof, it’s better to place your electronic accessories in a ziplock bag first and then keep them inside the belt. It is available in 10 beautiful colors and in various sizes for you to enjoy that perfect fit, based on your style.

FlipBelt fitness wear

Available for only $29 USD, the FlipBelt is definitely worth a buy for every fitness enthusiast who wants to enjoy freedom and stay away from the bulk and clutter while they workout every single day. Happy Gadgeting!

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