Review: These compostable iPhone cases protect your phone and the planet

Looking for a phone case that's not only rugged and stylish but also eco-friendly? Look no further than the EcoBlvd Mojave Collection!

Review: These compostable iPhone cases protect your phone and the planet
EcoBlvd Mojave Collection protects your phone and the environment

Outfit your smartphone for your adventures with the EcoBlvd Mojave Collection. Rugged and durable, these compostable iPhone cases protect your most used device in any condition.

The latest product line from the brand that gave you the Laguna and Sequoia collections, the Mojave Collection is EcoBlvd’s most rugged and protective case to date.

It can handle outdoor extremes yet keeps the environment in mind. A smartphone case that offers supreme protection and doesn’t end up as waste? Sign us up!

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the Mojave Collection!

More than just a plastic phone case

The cases in the EcoBlvd Mojave collection aren’t your typical plastic phone cases. While most plastic phone cases take a whopping 500 years to decompose, these compostable cases break down in months.

How is it possible? They’re made from CornBo, a corn- and bamboo-based plastic. Completely natural, these ingredients break down in your green bin in only 3 months.

Imagine tossing this iPhone accessory in your compost heap and returning 3 months later to find it gone—without a trace. That’s what will happen when you go for the cases in this collection.

So never again will you have to choose between protecting your phone or the planet. These phone cases let you do both.

And, best of all, each purchase supports the Mojave Desert Land Trust.

A tough, sustainable iPhone case

Yes, while the Mojave Collection is designed to go gentle on the environment, it also safeguards your phone from shocks, scratches, bumps, and drops up to 15 feet.

It’s an impressive set of benefits, and you’re probably wondering how they’re possible from materials like bamboo and corn. Well, incredibly, the CornBo sustainable material offers 4X the tensile strength of steel!

You read that right; this eco-friendly material can support 4X the load of steel without being stretched, pulled, or broken. So this is a case you can rely on during any outdoor adventure. Whether you like to rock climb, trek, or camp, these cases have your back!

And the company has the data to back up these claims. It has tested Mojave cases beyond the standard military-grade drop tests, determining that these compostable iPhone cases protect from drops of up to 15 feet. That’s a little over a typical 1-story building!

All-around protection for your iPhone

Meanwhile, the EcoBlvd Mojave Collection phone case protects your iPhone from all sides. It has shock-resistant padded corners that keep your phone safe from any bumps and debris that might come its way.

And the raised edges ensure your phone stays in 1 piece, even if you accidentally drop it. Then, the stylish embossed cover gives you a secure non-slip grip that reduces drops in the first place.

Supports cleaner air

We’ve already mentioned CornBo’s sustainable ingredients and high strength. But did you know that bamboo also removes carbon dioxide in the air, just like trees?

Yes, like a forest of oak and pine trees, bamboo groves absorb air pollution caused by greenhouse gases. So the simple use of bamboo as a material helps the environment and aids in the fight against climate change.

Decomposes every time you upgrade your phone

With every phone upgrade, you likely toss your old case in favor of one that fits your new phone. But when you upgrade your phone while owning a Mojave Collection phone case, the throwaway process is different.

Instead of throwing it in the trash, you can just toss it in your compost bin or even plant it in your garden. That’s some serious eco-friendliness right there.

The company doesn’t mess around when it comes to sustainability, and that’s why the Mojave Collection phone cases meet the EN13432 standard for industrial or home composting.

Displays your creativity

Meanwhile, the company hopes you’ll let your creativity shine with these compostable iPhone cases. Just choose from 5 vibrant colors: blue, black, yellow, pink, and green. Then, select from over 50 design and print options.

Not only are these customizations stylish, but they also last through the wear and tear of your busy life.

Easily fits your iPhone

You’re probably wondering about the Mojave Collection’s phone compatibility. We’re happy to announce that they support a wide range of iPhone models, including iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12.

Arrives in plastic-free packaging

EcoBlvd’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop at its products. This company is committed to sustainable practices from the materials until your compostable iPhone case arrives at your front door.

For that reason, it uses only the bare minimum packaging. Boasting FSC certification, 80% of EcoBlvd’s packaging is made using recycled paper from ethical suppliers.

And, of course, all the packing is 100% recyclable, plastic-free, and biodegradable.

Protects the planet and your phone

The EcoBlvd Mojave Collection is the perfect phone case for anyone who loves adventure and cares about the planet. With its eco-friendly and rugged design, it’s sure to withstand even extreme activity.

Plus, its compostable and biodegradable material mean you can feel good about your purchase long after you’re done using it.

So why not make the switch to a phone case that’s both stylish and sustainable? Your phone (and the planet) will thank you! Preorder your case for $29 on Kickstarter today!

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