This rose gold watch is a unique way to tell the time

Your watch isn't just a watch, but you knew that already. A wristwatch is a wearable, functional piece of art that makes a statement about you and your personality. That's why you want your wristwatch to be creative and outside the box. The Arévalo Watches Triangulum timepiece is just the thing. And it's water resistant and scratch proof to boot. Check out our blog post to learn more about this cool luxury watch.

This rose gold watch is a unique way to tell the time
Arévalo Watches Triangulum in a box

Choose a watch with a remarkable yet sophisticated look when you’re shopping for your next timepiece, like the Arévalo Watches Triangulum timepiece. This rose gold watch has an open-faced design that lets you see the watch’s inner workings and an oversized, triangular-shaped hour hand that’s unlike that of other watches. Because when it comes to your luxury watch, you want yours to stand out from the crowd.

The Arévalo Watches Triangulum timepiece has a futuristic look. Its most notable characteristic is its large, triangular hour hand, which looks similar to the Star Trek logo. We’re not sure if this was intentional, but it’s a pretty cool correlation nonetheless. The open-faced design lets you see the watch’s gears move and spin, which is almost mesmerizing. You can definitely relax for a few minutes while gazing at the mechanics, just like you would during your yoga practice. But this rose gold watch is more than just a cool design; it’s a true luxury watch thanks to its high-quality materials and superior movement. Let’s take a look at it all.

This luxury timepiece has a Miyota 8N24 Automatic movement

Since World War I, movement watches have been must-have accessories for men. And the Arévalo Watches Triangulum rose gold timepiece continues the tradition with its Miyota 8N24 Automatic movement. According to Miyota’s website, this movement has a running time of 42 hours. The jewels consist of 21 pieces. The watch also features both automatic and hand winding. To hand-wind, users simply turn the crown clockwise in the Normal position. After you wind it several times, the clock starts to move naturally.

Arévalo Watches Triangulum in a video

The case is rose-gold 316L stainless steel

This watch is bold and gorgeous, and that’s thanks to its rose-gold 316L stainless-steel case. The color is modern and eye-catching, while the material itself is durable. The 316L stainless steel is austenitic, a term that relates to its crystalline structure. This structure results from high temperatures followed by a rapid cooling process that locks in the metal’s structural characteristics. Austenitic stainless steel formulas are stronger than martensitic or ferritic steels. In particular, 316L stainless steel has a lower carbon content than typical 316 steel, making it quite resistant to corrosion.

A luxury watch that’s resistant to water

Your life is probably pretty active. From washing your hands X number of times per day to cleaning the odd wine glass, this rose gold watch can stand up to splashes of water. It has a 5 ATM rating, which means it’s resistant to 50 meters of water. So splashes of water are absolutely fine, and you can wear the Arévalo Watches Triangulum all day without any worries. You might even be able to get away with forgetting to take it off in the shower.

This watch has a scratch-resistant lens

And going along with qualities that make this luxury timepiece great for everyday wear is its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens. Sapphire crystal glass is a synthetic sapphire that’s combined with crystallized aluminum oxide, and it’s unusually sturdy. With 9 Mohs of mineral hardness, it’s just as sturdy as titanium carbide. It’s also scratch resistant and is superior to quartz or gorilla glass. So you can totally wear this watch without fear of scratching it on your desk at work or by accidentally hitting brushing it against a wall.

An hour hand that stands out

If you’re like us, you don’t have time to squint at a complicated watch face and figure out the time. Thankfully, this rose gold watch’s hour hand is noticeable thanks to its oversized, triangular design. This design element also helps you make a statement with your style and gives you a relationship with time. It lets you check the time with flair instead of pulling out your fingerprint-covered phone.

Two bands give you choices

Yes, the Arévalo Watches Triangulum timepiece comes with two choices for a watch band: 22 mm blue genuine leather band and a rose gold metal option. The blue genuine leather band has a classic yet comfortable look that’s sure to stand out and give you a powerful look. And for formal occasions, say a wedding or business event, the rose gold metal option has you covered since it’s a more jewelry-like style.

Choose a rose gold timepiece that’s a work of art

The Arévalo Watches Triangulum timepiece isn’t just a luxurious way to check the time. From a Canada-based, family-owned company, this watch has a creative design that becomes an extension of your personal statement. Each watch is designed with the wearer in mind and offers a contemporary style that complements you and your personality. Each watch is inspected by founder and watch aficionado, René Arévalo.

The Arévalo Watches Triangulum watch is a gorgeous timepiece. With its sapphire, blue leather band and rose gold accents, this watch is a true statement piece. Moreover, the 5 ATM water resistance and scratch-resistant lens keep this wristwatch suitable for everyday use. If you’re in the market for a unique wristwatch, this rose gold one is a great choice.

The Arévalo Watches Triangulum rose gold timepiece costs $387 on the company’s official website. What do you love about a traditional watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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