The future of tech and gadgets: what’s coming next

If you thought 2021 wouldn't have surprising tech and gadgets, think again. The year's already had a great start with unconventional introductions in AI and VR, and we can't wait to explore more. So what's next in the future of tech and gadgets? Are you going to see flying cars soon or wear a pair of AR contact lenses? Keep reading the blog to check out all the new tech that's surprised us in 2021.

The future of tech and gadgets: what’s coming next
Future of tech and gadgets 2021

What would it be like if you could work from home and be physically (virtually) present on a conference call? Or, perhaps, work on a laptop that spreads out its seven screens like wings! Thanks to the future of tech and gadgets in 2021, we can finally stop dreaming about these projects—because they’re starting to become real.

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This year shows signs of many tech advancements, and our countless tech roundups are proof of all the futuristic tech and gadgets we are about to see. So what’s coming next? A flying jet suit or a robotic arm? Let’s explore in today’s blog.

Up for superhuman hearing?

What if you could hear the people around you clearly with a wearable? That’s exactly what Google x Alphabet Project Wolverine aims to do. It’s an earbud that reduces background noise so you can concentrate on what the person next to you is saying or hear important announcements.

This technology is possible thanks to the array of sensors and microphones installed within the earbuds. And Alphabet described this as “the future of hearing”—rightfully so. This gadget would not only allow you to concentrate better in a crowded environment but also aid those with hearing impairments. Read more

Google Pixel Buds in use
Google Pixel Buds in use

The future of drones takes off to new heights.

Until now, we’ve seen only drones that help you rediscover aerial photography through portable or gigantic designs. But 2021 drones go one step further. We started the year with the Sony Airpeak camera-carrying drone that’s supposedly one of the most efficient filmmaking drones ever made. And the DJI FPV Combo was finally released a couple of years after it was announced.

Drones are also getting a lot of tech accessory upgrades. Take the Flying Drone Blanket for example. This prototype by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and Flyfire connects and manages large swarms of drones. It allows fleets of quadcopters to take off simultaneously while fitting inside of your suitcase.

Where are we with smart TVs?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen TVs get a massive upgrade in terms of design and functionality. This year is taking them one step further, and we’ve seen TVs that actually roll out from the edge of your bed. There are others that unfold like an envelope. And, thanks to the Samsung Unbox and Discover event, we saw even more cool designs like The Frame and The Sero.

Home offices have a VR future.

Last year, Facebook launched the Infinite Office concept to make working from home more collaborative through VR. This year, things are getting even better with Microsoft Mesh. Imagine a world where two people in separate locations can see and communicate with one another in the same room. Microsoft Mesh is the answer to remote working, doctor’s appointments, conference meetings, and more. Read more

Microsoft Mesh demo

There’s a smarter future for work and collaboration.

While VR is important, the future of tech in offices also involves smart tech that enhances collaboration. Take the Samsung Flip 2 Display for example. It’s a smart replacement to paper flip charts and messy whiteboards by offering an interactive display that lets you jot down notes and present ideas with ease.

In fact, the Samsung Flip 2 allows teams to collaborate more efficiently as well as brainstorm ideas without dealing with paper. Moreover, it’s available in two sizes: 55″ and 65″. Therefore, you can use the Samsung Flip 2 Display 2021 in small conference spaces and classrooms. 

And you can use the ROOM private office space within a larger office. In fact, it features shielding to block out noises, which is great for personal conversations. This private office space also has everything you need to work effectively. This includes a desk, accessory rail, and built-in power. 

2021 gaming tech is all about unconventional designs.

As the new normal enhances the gaming industry, we see more and more cool tech for all the gamers out there. Consider the Razer Project Brooklyn, which is not just any gaming chair. It’s one that will actually make you feel like you’re gaming in the future.

Expanscape Aurora 7 prototype laptop

Other than this, there have been many VR and contemporary gaming tech announcements, including countless laptops for high-tech gamers. The most recent of these is the Expanscape Aurora 7—a gaming laptop for gamers who feel limited by only one screen. This device is in the prototype stage, although the current version boasts four 17.3-inch 4K UHD panels and three 7-inch displays at 1,920 x 1,200 resolution.

AI Deep Nostalgia is getting deeper

An AI-powered service called Deep Nostalgia animates still images to turn them into realistic videos that you can store on your phone or post on social media. The service is offered by a company called MyHeritage that creates an effect as if the still image is moving. This is perfect for bringing old images of ancestors who have passed away back to life. Read more

AI Deep Nostalgia
AI Deep Nostalgia review

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is now accepting preorders from potential customers for its new satellite internet service: Starlink. It’s the latest satellite internet service that you’ll wonder how you lived without. This will boast speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps and cost $99 a month. Hurry because orders are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

SpaceX Starlink internet
SpaceX Starlink internet launch

SpaceX Starlink internet is ideal for rural and remote communities. In particular, it’ll target areas around the globe that typically have challenges with connectivity. In fact, Starlink can deliver a high-speed broadband connection to locations where it would otherwise glitch or be unavailable. And where you live can determine if you’re accepted, with SpaceX prioritizing those with reduced connections. For example, if you live in Orlando, the estimated setup time is mid to late 2021.

Mi Air Charge is the future of contactless wireless charging

In a digital era where everything’s becoming wireless, chargers might experience an upgrade, too. Xiaomi introduced a gadget that can charge your phone across the room without any cords. Mi Air Charge will power multiple devices from several meters away, and it’ll automatically track the chosen device so you can walk around with it in your pocket while it charges.

MI Air Charge concept

The Mi Air Charge provides a five-watt charge to your smartphone, which is three times less powerful than the Apple MagSafe Charger. But you can still scroll the internet and keep your phone with you while it’s charging. Best of all, there are no cords involved, so you won’t feel restricted.

Where lies the future of transportation?

Autonomous transportation has been in the news for quite some time. 2021 is just getting better with brand new entries in this field. This starts with the GM Cadillac eVTOL: a fully-autonomous air taxi that does exactly what the name suggests. This flying car features a 90 kWh battery and four propellers to reach a maximum speed of 56 mph. And it even comes with self-driving technology, so you can enjoy the ride without having to control anything.

Next up, we have the Zoox autonomous personal vehicle, which is a new way to hail rides. This personal transportation vehicle is designed to make the future of tech transportation safer, more fun, and cleaner for everyone. In fact, this on-demand autonomous taxi takes care of navigating through traffic while you sit back and relax on your journey. Designed with a spacious interior cabin with two benches, the Zoox autonomous vehicle ensures everyone inside has the same amount of comfort and space.

Zoox autonomous personal vehicle

There’s also the electric VTOL aircraft: Y6S PLUS. This aircraft taxi doesn’t require a runway for takeoff and landing and provides a smooth flight experience for all six passengers. It also boasts two rotors per pylon, with two sets in the front and one set in the rear. In fact, the rotors will move between a vertical and horizontal thrust as needed, depending on the speed and momentum required by weather and other conditions. And the single rotor in the rear will provide plenty of power for the lift.

AI takes over the future of smart homes

Use the Josh Micro smart home control button to queue songs on your playlist without lifting a finger. This home accessory is packed with intelligence to respond to voice commands, and it also has sensors for contextual awareness. In fact, Josh Micro knows what room it’s in. This enables you to control the lights, music, and other aspects of your home. But you can also specify other rooms to manage with this smart home control button. Furthermore, it boasts customizable buttons, so you can tailor it to your needs. 

Josh Micro smart home AI button in use

AR contact lenses do exist—for real!

The Mojo Vision Lens AR contact lens is truly a step into the future of tech and gadgets. It looks like a standard contact lens, yet it displays digital information that blends seamlessly with the world around you. Using microelectronics, the tiny display in the Mojo Lens shares important information about your surroundings. In fact, the Mojo Vision Lens uses augmented reality. And it can display things like directions while you walk to your intended destination. 

Mojo Vision Lens AR contact lens
Mojo Vision Lens AR contact lens

Personal robots will get better in the near future

There was a time two years back when the personal robotics industry seemed to have a setback. But 2021 brought them back into the limelight. We started seeing robots from brands like Samsung that can do your household chores and pet robots you’d actually want to cuddle from newer companies.

Samsung Bot Handy smart home robot
Samsung Bot Handy smart home robot putting dishes away

These still seem a bit far-fetched. However, we won’t be surprised if we see more and more robots in development this year.

That brings us to the end of today’s digest, but this isn’t the only tech you can expect in 2021. We simply rounded up some of our favorites from the future of tech and gadgets. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

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