Livestream Your Perspective with the Shonin Streamcam

Livestream Your Perspective with the Shonin Streamcam

Humans are both predictable and unpredictable. It’s inevitable that you will have a major disagreement with another person at some point. But rarely do we foresee these confrontations before they occur. As a result, you can be left without any evidence to support your side of the story. Enter Shonin Streamcam, a wearable camera that livestreams your perspective to the world. Connecting directly to cloud platforms, this tiny device is perfect for personal security and capturing your adventures.

– Camera sends footage straight to the cloud via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection

– Attaches to your clothes with magnets; tap to start and stop recording

– Rugged waterproof design can handle any weather or environment

Your Perspective

From police brutality to brazen crime, our streets don’t seem to be getting any safer. While some places are covered by CCTV, you don’t always have the guarantee of video justice. Even for less violent events, it’s often nice to have some kind of evidence to back up your claims.

Rather than fumbling for your smartphone at times like these, you can simply tap the Shonin Streamcam to start recording. Measuring just 2.2 inches square, this clip-on camera records a first-person view of the action.

[tweet_box]This clip-on camera records a first-person view of the action[/tweet_box]

It also has Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity built in, meaning your videos are saved to your personal online locker. During live events, you can even livestream footage via your social media profiles.

Personal Broadcast

The Streamcam couldn’t be simpler to use. When leaving the house, you attach the camera to your clothes using one of the two clips. The regular clip works like a clothes peg, wrapping around the edge of your shirt or jacket. Meanwhile, the magnetic mount holds the camera in position through lighter materials.

Because the camera measures just half an inch thick, it feels no different from wearing a badge. You could happily walk around all day and forget you are wearing it. You don’t even need to protect it from the rain.

your perspective 01

But when that unexpected event happens, the Shonin Streamcam will be ready. You just tap the front to start recording via the wide-angle in 720p or 1080p. With a 120-degree field of vision and audio capture, this camera won’t miss anything.

The Streamcam lets you livestream via Wi-Fi or LTE, while storing your footage locally on the supplied 8GB memory card. The system works with Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms. In addition, your videos are stored safely online and available to view at any time via the companion app.

your perspective 02Aside from security, this means you can stream live events to family and friends around the globe. It’s perfect for traveling in safety and sharing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

“The Shonin Streamcam is the world’s first cloud-connected wearable security camera. Cellular, life-proof, small, and easy to use, Streamcam lets you capture YOUR side of the story in hi-res video saved directly in the cloud.” — Shonin on Kickstarter

your perspective 03

What We ❤️

Life doesn’t always pause to let you unlock your phone. This camera captures the action as it happens.

Future Designs

It would be awesome to link these together for multi-camera live streaming!


– Kickstarter: Until September 13th

– Pledge: $149 USD

– Delivery: February 2018

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