Why is it so that out of all the incredible crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, only a certain become big time names such as Oculus Rift (which has now made its way to being another Facebook Acquisition) or Avegant Glyph? We’d discussed 21 tips on our last article that can help your project in gaining mainstream popularity and today the list extends into the next chapter. Only this time, we are more focused on discussing one of the most important aspects of launching a Kickstarter project – “Promotions”. This is indeed one of those vital tasks which, if done well, can soar your project towards success. Let’s have a look at 10 such websites which could be your future destinations for promoting your Kickstarter projects.

The Gadget Flow Platform

A curated marketplace that helps you discover, save and buy awesome products. The Gadget Flow also features unique Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. With 6,000,000+ monthly visitors and over 500,000 social media followers, this can surely be a great opportunity for you to promote your Crowdfunding project among a larger audience. We’ve worked with companies like Sony, Polaroid and with some of the biggest Crowdfunding Projects such as Eight Smart Bed, Jamstik+ and many more. You can find more details and submit your product on The Gadget Flow here.

gadget flow crowdfunding promotion


This is a great place for backers to get exclusive deals on Kickstarter funded projects. It helps backers to keep an eye on which projects to jump in and which projects to consider rethinking their pledge for. That way, this becomes a lucrative place for you to promote your project because of its strong backer base.  The community in BackersHub is a genuine source of review and feedback – from active crowdfunding site users – for project Backers & Creators alike.



They are made up of the most influential group of serial crowdfunding backers in the world. Their members have supported 476,336 projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. An average member of BackerClub has backed 102 crowdfunding projects. Undoubtedly, they are very serious crowdfunders! Projects that have been featured in the BackerClub community have raised $131,017,883. The average BackerClub project receives $1,377 in new pledges from our repeat-backer community. And, since November, 2014 they have featured 1,939 projects! There truly is no other place that compares to BackerClub anywhere!



This isn’t just a site for promotion only. Apart from featuring press releases and articles on various crowdfunding projects, CrowdFundBeat also brings a lot of useful resources for the crowdfunding community. Opinions, Conferences to the World crowdfunding news, this site can give your Kickstarter journey a boost in totality, from promoting your product to gaining some intuitive insights from this world of innovation.

CrowdfundBeat promotional site for Kickstarter projects


Salvador Briggman is passionate about two things – the crowdfunding industry and helping people reach their fundraising goals. Having initially started with CrowdCrux to provide crowdfunders with marketing tips and promotional resources, he’s now switched to CrowdfundingPR which provides crowdfunders tools to reach their target customers. This site enables you to create a press release of your campaign which could eventually lead your project being ranked high in the search engines or being used by top journalists and bloggers from that specific industry. Either way, it’s a win-win situation by promoting your project through CrowdfundingPR.

CrowdfundingPR promotional site for Kickstarter projects

Gifts and Coupons

Gifts and Coupons showcases your Crowdfunding product to our growing community of users who are interested in cool gift ideas. This service allows you to list your product on the website, with a short description with a direct link to your campaign.



At Kickbooster the target is to simplify the marketing aspect of your crowdfunding campaign. Simply put, Kickbooster allows campaign creators to run a referral program during their crowdfunding campaign and provides incentive for backers to share and promote your campaign. Kickbooster is crowdfunding campaign marketing made easy! Signing up for Kickbooster is a snap – just click on the “Try Kickbooster for free” button on the Kickbooster home page and follow the simple steps. After you have successfully set up your Kickbooster account you will be presented with a unique campaign page that you can direct your boosters to and offer them incentives for sharing your campaign.


Beta List

Lastly, if you’re looking forward to a site for listing your project in order to grab signups and more user attention, there could be nothing better than Beta List. Just as the name sounds, it’s a list of internet projects (if you’ve got a proper website for your project, you’re definitely a part of the game) aggregated together based on categories. Though primarily not centered around crowdfunding projects only, you could always choose to enlist your product website here for an added boost in promotion. However, an important note to consider is that this site is only projects which are not live yet and are looking for signups.

Betalist promotional site for startups and Kickstarter projects


This is one of the coolest forums where you can like, share or comment on existing Kickstarter projects or share your own. They have certain rules and regulations you need to follow in order to be a part of the platform.

Kickstarter Forum for crowdfunding promotion

CrowdFund Buzz

PR and social media for crowdfunding campaigns. As they say, “They bring the crowd to your crowdfunding project.”

That was quite the list we had for enthusiastic crowdfunders out there. Promoting your product is not a difficulty, what’s important is the platforms you choose to use in doing so. Till the next post on Kickstarter Tips and Tactics goes live, Happy Gadgeting!

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