INU Electric Scooter Features Auto-folding and Sleek Power

INU Electric Scooter Features Auto-folding and Sleek Power

For urban commuters, there are several options on the market. You can rely on public transportation, a bicycle, Uber and now, a flashy electric scooter called INU. The new pod promises a smooth ride with maximum portability. As you’re about to find out, space is not an issue with this machine.

INU in the city

Smooth Rides Around the City

The problem with electric scooters today is the experience. Most are lacking a major component like strong battery life, a comfortable seat or lights. INU is one of the few scooters that has it all. To start, the unit boasts an aluminum frame that doesn’t feel wobbly. On full throttle, it can reach speeds up to 15.5 mph. With a range of 25 miles per charge, this is something you only have to plug in once a day. The passenger weight limit is 260 pounds.

“INU features an internal spring-based front suspension and rear torsion bar so the user won’t feel every bump on the road, and it has front hydraulic brakes and a rear regenerative braking system in case the user needs to stop short safely,” wrote Lauren Keating from Tech Times. “The scooter also has front and back lights, a horn, and a built-in alarm.”

INU wheels

Carrying Mode

So what do you do when you reach your destination? Again, with most scooters you’re forced to lug it around with you, which can be a problem if you’re trying to take the elevator. The INU features a unique folding mechanism that allows you to compress it like an accordion. You can do this automatically with the push of a button. A small motor found in the center of the pod does all the hard work for you, while you’re getting ready to enter a building. For real-time monitoring the scooter also comes with an app (compatible with both iOS and Android devices).

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