Must-have remote work gadgets—the ultimate guide

We've been talking a lot about remote work lately, but that's because so many more people are experiencing the glory and frustration of it for themselves right now. And there's a lot of talk about how it just might be the new normal. If you're a person who is thinking it's going to become your new normal based on Zoom water cooler talk, it's imperative that you set up a home office. And we have the ultimate guide for what you need.

Must-have remote work gadgets—the ultimate guide
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Working from home is both a blessing and a curse. Even for those of us who have been doing it a decade or longer, we still have our moments. The cat needs to be played with. The dog needs a walk. There’s a pile of laundry in the bedroom. Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves. And, worst of all, the couch is not doing your back any favors. For most of us, having a designated room or space in the corner of a room for a home office is a must. Personally, I’ve been working from home for more than ten years now, and I’ve done it all. So I’ve assembled a must-have remote work gadgets list that will cover all your bases.

I’ve set aside a corner of the living room in my one-bedroom apartment. I’ve worked strictly from the couch. I’ve had an area of the basement. I’ve shared a home office with my spouse. And, right now, I have a dedicated home office all to myself. I’ve learned a lot from working in all of these spaces, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

First off, I’ve learned that I can’t work with any noise or distractions. My husband eating lunch at the desk right next to me? Grounds for divorce. Sitting in the living room and seeing any mess in the kitchen or things that need to be dusted or picked up? Procrastination central while I clean. And sitting on the couch all the time led to some severe lower back pain and leg numbness. It took me forever to figure out that it was due to bad posture and lack of proper support.

The answer for me was to tell all my guests to stay at a hotel or to sleep on an air mattress when they visit. That was so I could turn the spare bedroom into a second office, so my husband and I could each have our own space. Which was really me saying, “I need my own space, so I am kicking you out of this office so I don’t have to divorce you because you’re chewing while I’m trying to work.” And, now that he’s furloughed and home all the time, boy am I glad we have separate offices.

If you’re still looking for ways to improve your WFH tenure, these are your must-have remote work gadgets.

You need a desk

Even if you’re working from the couch, you need a desk. Thank god for lap desks. And, yeah, desks can be pricey, but they don’t have to be. Standing desks are really helpful for lower back pain and getting you out of sitting all day long, which can be rough on your body. For some people, standing even boosts productivity.

Get the right chair

This can make a huge difference in your working environment. Those back problems got way better when I started sitting in a good chair and doing some daily stretching and light yoga. And, yeah, a good chair is going to cost you if you want a really good one like this Herman Miller one or this Autonomous Kinn chair. But if you can’t do that right now, there are some other great options to make your current chair better. The BalanceOn is a great seat cushion, and so is something like the BackShield. Even more affordable? These posture-improving cushions.

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